On the Psychonaut

Psychonaut's mind -- image by Lucas Benjamin via unsplash

The hypno-psychonaut uses hypnosis as a tool for mind expansion

So, you are a Psychonaut. Connotations of Internet chaos magick douchebags aside, it means you enjoy altered states of consciousness. Drugs, magic, meditation, and/or hypnosis have always caught your interest, and if I had to hazard I guess, I’d wager you probably like reading about paranormal and creepy shit too.

The Psychonaut loves trippy psychedelic files, visuals, lights, weird vocal effects, and motion. These types are superficially similar to trance purists. But to them, hypnosis is fun because it’s an altered state of consciousness that allows them thoughts and sensory experiences they may not normally be able to access. The Psychonaut is intrigued by the potential of unlocking the subconscious, and may also enjoy hypnosis as a means of self-transformation.

Psychonauts value new and unusual stimulation

Psychonauts benefit from deeply sensory experiences. They sense that there are unexplored depths to the mind, and the curiosity is almost unbearable.

Rather than a preference for hypnotic skill, a Psychonaut derives their satisfaction from treading the fine line between expanding your mind and losing it. That feels exhilarating, powerful, and endlessly fascinating.

The Psychonaut enjoys a little risk — drugs, meditation, hypnosis, occult, paranormal all involve elements of the uncomfortable and unknown. Using one’s mind as an experiment lab has risks as well. There is some degree of madness in what the Psychonaut does, but they also feel that a little madness is part of the rich tapestry of life.

Where does hypno-fetish come in?

Many of this type may only have a tangential relationship to the world of fetish and BDSM. Among those who are more involved in D/s, they often discovered that mind-altering substances had a beneficial effect during a scene.

The relationship to BDSM is less important to the Psychonaut than a relationship to exploring the unusual. Sex is both a powerful and taboo subject. So, it has a natural magnetism for the Psychonaut’s knowledge-seeking mind.

The Psychonaut in a nutshell

You want to navigate the murky frontiers of the mind. You are drawn to the occult, the strange, and the mysterious. But most importantly, you are willing to unearth the deepest parts of yourself.

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