“Whatever you want, Mistress.”

“Whatever you want, mistress.”

I’ve lost count of how many new subs have come groveling forth (as they should) and then offer up this lame tidbit when I ask about their submissive tendencies. Few things bore me faster than vague answers. And if you know anything about Dommes, you know we’re the last people you should bore.

If I ask you for your opinion, and you refuse to offer it, you are being disobedient. It’s that simple. And if you truly don’t know what you want, then use your words. “I need guidance, Mistress.” “I’m new to this, Mistress.” “I like X and Y, Mistress, but I think I need to try something I have never done before.”

I expect my slaves to speak up. Make your wants known and ask for permission to receive them. I get little joy out of blindly flinging orders into passive receptacles – – the thrill comes from knowing your desires and using them against you. It’s no fun unless I get to watch you squirm.

I often know what you want already, minus some of the finer details. And asking does not guarantee that you will receive. It’s simply a part of the greater scheme — molding your desires into Diana-centric devotion.

I have dropped subs in the past because they went far too long without telling me that they actually weren’t really into hypnosis and preferred to focus on fetishes I do not share. Dominating them was dull, talking to them was like pulling teeth, and their trance responses were not interesting to me at all. Had they told me the truth the first time I asked, I could be spared this tedium.

I find that a common hurdle for these word misers is that saying what they want “ruins the fantasy.” Here’s the thing: if you give me that bullshit answer, I will actively ruin any remaining fantasy just for my own entertainment. Just because your unwillingness to be honest annoys me. I will make an ass out of you, and I will go out of my way to ensure that you find nothing sexy or exciting about it.

So don’t waste my time, or yours, with your “Whatever you want, Mistress.” We can take time to explore. There is room for uncertainty and learning. But I will get my answer.

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2 thoughts on ““Whatever you want, Mistress.”

  1. Tj Wolfe says:

    I wish to do something I’ve never done mistress. I would like to belong to you and push myself to new limits

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