On the Volunteer

Volunteer brain. Photo by Robert Zunikoff via Unsplash

The hypno-volunteer likes to play with inhibition

The Volunteer is pretty much the reason people think of hypnosis as a silly stage act where people cluck like chickens. But if that’s you, don’t feel bad. Volunteers are a blast to work with, and they embrace the intersection of fun and fetish.

To this type of subject, it’s exciting to be played with like a toy, acting out suggestions no matter how silly or lewd. The Volunteer typically drops very easily and might not remember the trance very well after the fact.

However, not knowing is part of the fun. The Volunteer loves to engage in play that looks like stage hypnosis, but the trance is no less real.

Volunteers value play

The Volunteer is excited by having their body “hijacked.” Related to the Supplicant, they crave total body-mind control.

Like the Psychonaut, they’re also interested in the concept of potential. Under hypnosis, one might adopt a new personality, march about like a soldier, or jack off to Yakety Sax (really….trust me).

Because these trances operate outside the subject’s baseline behavior, they might be prone to amnesia. It also makes one susceptible to the manipulations of less ethical Dommes, but something about that is exciting to a Volunteer.

The satisfaction usually comes afterward — vague recollections of putting on a Cockney accent, or confusion as to why you’re standing naked in your living room clutching some lubed-up produce.

How is this different from any other submissive?

Volunteers don’t necessarily need to serve to be satisfied. Because their enjoyment comes from challenged inhibition, they simply need a well-delivered suggestion.

I’d argue that it’s a form of submission, but it’s more casual. Perhaps you could think of it as a kind of “power-play hookup.” If a hook-up goes well, it usually progresses beyond a one night stand, but it’s not required to develop emotional intimacy.

That isn’t to say that the Volunteer is callous or shallow, just that they’re seeking play rather than bondage. The experience of being vulnerable to strange commands is intimate all on its own, and they favor light-hearted fun.

The Volunteer in a nutshell

You want a skilled hypnotist who can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. You want someone to push your boundaries, and you like to be surprised. Above all, you’re excited by playing around in unknown territory, and you like hypnotists who can take you there.

Don’t know your type? Find out here. 

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