Underneath It All: Striptease Trance

diana rey striptease

I’ve been neglecting my blog somewhat, and in many ways, neglecting my interactions with submissives. So my first update in a while is a different sort of striptease to go with this week’s clip — stripping away the tangle of communication avenues and just letting you all know: I’ve been hella busy.

You’ve probably heard me talking about FOSTA/SESTA, which has prompted a long list of tedious but very important tasks. Aside from that, I’ve been focusing on writing and recording, and moving back into the world of one-on-one sessions.

But rest easy; I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got some exciting new things in the works, things that will open up pathways to some intense and genuinely fun psycho-domination play.

One important change is that if you want to get in touch with me, you’ll want to send an email. I will still be on all my clip sites, but the most surefire way to get a response is to email me at mistress@dianarey.com

Now onto the fun stuff: tits, piercing stares, and messing with your psyche.

diana rey striptease

Underneath It All

My trance focuses on shedding each layer of your mind, going deeper and deeper until there is no consciousness left. As I talk, I slowly strip off a layer of clothing at a time in a JOI striptease that leaves you frustrated. As I clear away the layers of falsehoods, you see clearly that you don’t deserve the payoff you desperately want. Audio and visual effects deepen the trance. 13 minutes/$14.99

Grab “Underneath It All” on your favorite clipsite:

Niteflirt | Kinkbomb | Clips4Sale | IWantClips | WarpMyMind

This clip pairs well with last week’s clip “Hard Truths: Dark JOI” and expands on my theme of opening up the pathways in your brain.

Who’s it for? Works for all types

One thought on “Underneath It All: Striptease Trance

  1. Nelson says:

    I was going through some videos and I came across with one of yours. You have a gift. I don’t want to resist your brainwashing. I want to marry you. Not that I think I’m that attractive ya know but I do know this, You’re gifted. I want to experience more of your brainwashing videos.

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