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Many of you are eager to enter My service. Now, the path is clear. I’ve created a 1-on-1 Training series for my most devoted. In it, we’ll explore the meaning behind the concepts I use in trance, and develop customized assignments that help you serve Me in a meaningful way.

From My submissives, I demand impeccable behavior and a commitment to growth. The training will remake you in My image, and set the stage for regular, consistent service.

What’s included?

In this 6-week training bundle, you’ll get:

  • 5 audio trances
  • A workbook with reading and assignments for each section
  • 1 customized trance to help you with your final assignment
  • Email and chat check-ins with Me
  • 3 45-minute sessions
  • One follow-up chat session and Tarot reading
  • Access to further reading and resources curated by Me

If the sessions aren’t an option for you, there is also a purchase option to complete the training on your own and check in via email.

How much does it cost?

There are four options available:

  • Independent study: $175
  • Text-chat sessions: $299
  • Voice sessions: $449
  • Cam sessions $849

How do I sign up?

Purchase the application by following one of the links below by October 18th. Available training slots are limited, so the sooner you apply, the better.

Before you start, ask yourself:

  • Can I commit to the sessions, and work with my Mistress’s daytime schedule?
  • Am I ready for a deep psychosexual experience that will change me permanently?
  • Am I interested in true service that goes beyond my enjoyment of Her clips?

What happens then?

I’ll review the applications as they come in and notify you one way or the other by October 22nd. If you are accepted, you are committed to your time slot. Those who waste their opening will be blocked. If you don’t make the cut this time, don’t fret — this training will be available again down the road.

One thought on “Training with Me: Coming Soon

  1. Pepper says:

    Miss D, I yearn to take the deep plunge to be trained by you, molded into your sub. I feel the pull. Even as I type this note my body eases, relaxes, and I feel drawn to you. However, I can’t commit to the schedule. I’ll work on the Independent Study perhaps.

    Hope your road trip is grand.

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