The Purgative Power of Hypnosis


I have mixed feelings on the scientific validity of hypnosis. I’m not even sure if it’s the kind of thing you can approach with the scientific method. There are too many philosophical questions: if it is just roleplay, a self-induced mind-trip, an invisible placebo… as long as it works, doesn’t it still have intrinsic value? And if we’re assigning value, don’t we need some metric for what “works” and what doesn’t? Is it just an archaic version of more effective methodologies?

But fuck all that. I believe that hypnosis works, that it has value, and that hypnofetish play can be more than just a fun diversion.

Breaking the Cycle

When you get distracted during a trance, what do you hear in your head? An entire train of thought may have formed by the time you notice, and they go by fast.

Your thoughts wear deep grooves in your mind like a lion pacing its cage. Over literal millennia, we’ve been attempting to break that cycle with philosophy, religion, therapeutic intervention, neurological study, and so on. It’s safe to say it’s a universal experience, and we all want a break from it.

All these methods require us to move off the well-worn garden path. We can’t repeat the same questions and hope for a different conclusion — we have to step outside our normal cognition. If we want to evolve, there must be some condition that requires adaptation.

Uncharted Territory

There is enormous potential in our neural pathways. I’m a dominatrix, not a scientist, and I have no business trying to summarize something so thoroughly beyond my understanding. But anecdotes are data points, too, and I have plenty of that.

Psychedelics. EMDR. Biofeedback. Meditation. Induced synesthesia. I’ve played around in plenty of realms that force one’s brain out of its usual stomping grounds, and I see the incredible value and potential in them. But as we become more interested in neuroplasticity, I think it’s a mistake to neglect hypnosis.

Hypnosis offers two things: a clear path set by someone else, and an invitation to define your own private experience. When I ask you to imagine something, I have no idea what the fuck happens in your head. When you respond to a trigger word, you’re eager for the experience it gives you. I’m paving the road, but you’re driving. 

How does a hypnofetish fit into all this?

As much as we love to delude ourselves, we are animals, ruled by our biology. When you find something particularly gratifying, you seek it out for the associated chemical rewards.

In trance, your inhibitions are ideally lowered. Some read “lowered inhibitions” as if it’s similar to drunkenness, and I suppose it can be, but I don’t believe that is the real benefit of hypnosis.

My intent as the hypnotist is to show you the experience of uninhibited pleasure. My inductions highlight all the ways you hold tension in your body and create mental distractions. The process of surrendering means letting go of these blockages. You decide to become hypnotized once you see that the pleasurable experience of trance is preferable to remaining guarded and preoccupied.

Your self-consciousness evaporates when you are truly under. Once that’s out of the way, you won’t hold yourself back from experiencing enjoyment. And therein lies the value, should you set about it with purpose: learning to overcome the ways you deny yourself joy.

When you have a particularly good experience with a hypnosis clip, what is it telling you about what you need, who you are, what you’re neglecting in your life?

2 thoughts on “The Purgative Power of Hypnosis

  1. Pepper says:

    Miss D, I love that you arrive at “fuck all that” and refuse to be confined by a closed system or dogma like the scientific method or even someone else’s notion of what hypnosis does. Touche’! As always. Thank you, Lady, for your generous truth in these things.

  2. Curious says:

    Your video are indeed soothing and mind-opening. Will you be offering sessions again? They appear to have been closed for six weeks beyond your trip. Maybe it’s just videos now?

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