On the Supplicant

Supplicant. Image by Zulmaury Saavedra via Unsplash

The hypno-supplicant likes hypnosis as a tool for devotion

To the Supplicant, hypnosis adds a layer of depth to the feeling of subspace. Trance is a tool to explore other power-play fetishes, and to increase feelings of devotion.

The Supplicant’s focus is on connection, devotion, and feelings of submissiveness. This often involves body worship and addictive language. They typically feel post-hypnotic effects the hardest, noticing trance feelings creep into their everyday lives.

Supplicants are eager to please their Dom/me, and thus incredibly susceptible to suggestions and triggers.

Supplicants value intimacy

These types have a deep need for connection and a close relationship with their Dom/me. Kinks are a (frequently neglected) part of who they are. They also prefer more gentle forms of domination. Most supplicants don’t enjoy whips, chains, and screaming, but a little heavy BDSM might be on the table if the hypnotist can build up to it.

The deeper they go, the more they crave it. Supplicants are often prone to “porn fasting” for this reason: they go hard and then feel regret and attempt to restrain themselves. Then, they come back when their basic urges go unmet for a while.

The Supplicant seeks total body-mind control, or to be made to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. But it differs from the Volunteer in that they need a personal rapport with their Dom/mes. They’re often looking for the “right one.”

Why not stick to straight BDSM?

The Supplicant’s journey into fetish probably didn’t start with hypnosis. In a lot of cases, someone they served introduced them to trance. Because it works as a tool for relaxing and lowering inhibitions, it lends itself well to subspace. The pleasant mind-state of trance helps ease the difficult emotions that can often come with intense scenes.

But the real draw is the psychological intimacy that comes with trance. Exposing the subconscious is to be known, to be seen. The Supplicant gains a sense of closeness to their Dom/me’s power and becomes eager to give more mental offerings.

The Supplicant in a nutshell

You like hypnosis as a tool to explore other power-exchange fetishes. You want to develop your relationship to your Dom/me over time. But most importantly, you know your submission is a gift, and you want to give it to the right person.

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