Subliminal Seduction

Subliminal Seduction - diana rey

Put in your headphones and zone out while I use subliminal messages to implant My desires in your mind. Far from a traditional trance, this audio-only track begins with relaxing abstract sounds to lull you into a suggestible state. My sweet whispers draw your lust under my control. Before you realize what’s happening, you will be aching with desire and left to suffer. I recommend trying this clip while you do other things.

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Having fun with clips

I’ve made around 75 clips by now. Crazy, right? It’s impossible not to revisit fetishes and revamp old ideas as my skills grow. But I’m always looking for a creative new spin — something I haven’t done before, something you maybe haven’t experienced before.

This rarely ever bleeds into my life as a domme, but I enjoy making music and in fact learned most of what I know about sound editing there. Lately I’ve been thinking there’s no reason to keep the two things separated. Why not incorporate music into psy-dom? Why not blur the lines between porn and art? We’re capable of enjoying two things at once.

Be my guinea pig

I love to toy with the idea of subliminal messages, and turning overt suggestions into abstractions that burn themselves into your brain.  As you listen to this clip you’ll notice the sound of my voice gradually just turning into noise, and yet your brain can still parse out the words.

This clip has a subtle musical element, though I tried to keep it minimal so that it’s not distracting. The harmonies you hear in the background are all me (plus some effects). If this little experiment of mine is productive, you may actually hear me sing eventually.

I always welcome constructive feedback but I’d particularly like it in this case. This clip doesn’t follow the typical induction-deepener-suggestion structure so I want you to be my lab rat. What did you think? Were you able to experience a trance feeling or was it too hard to drop? Are you interested in seeing more clips like this? Drop me a line in the comments, via email, or through your favorite clipsite.

2 thoughts on “Subliminal Seduction

  1. GentleJim says:

    Hi Diana Rey,
    I purchased your file via WarpMyMind, (I like the paypal payment method, saves me from having to explain my online purchases).
    I listened to your file; you’ve requested some feedback:

    What did you think?

    I like the idea of listening while you implant your suggestions directly to my subconscious mind, being able to do this while I’m busy focused at work or when my conscious mind is focused elsewhere. Though this file I felt just didn’t deliver or have enough of that.

    Being a long-term erotic hypnosis fan; I can quickly relax and fall deep into trance, from as simple as a snap of a finger, or from carefully implanted word or two. For me, there is far too much time spent on telling me to relax. Maybe your file is more geared as an induction, using the word “relax” to program the listener into relaxing for some later more progressive sessions.

    I would have liked to have had more of the third track undertones, craft-fully laying out the subliminal messages, there is a few seconds where you did do this, but there just wasn’t enough of it. I think it would have been far more effective if the undertone third track was throughout the recording, even as a mantra, or an erotic alluring journey, ie

    “by the time I’m done with you I will own your cock.
    It will only get hard for me, it will stay hard for me
    You will need my voice and you will crave it…
    Stroke it for me my good boy, that’s it stroke for me become my slave…
    While you stroke for me, think about how good it will feel if you send me tributes
    You do want to be my good boy, Stroke, tribute, be weak for me
    Etc,..” teasing, corrupting, coercing,..

    All this teasing as your undertone softly spoken voice.

    While the main track overlay theme could be another message, like what are the do’s and don’t, and some rules and what femdom, findom, worship, rituals are about…

    The delay / reverb sound effects were too much, too hard to listen to. Especially if the listener plans to play the file in a loop over the whole course of the day at work. I also feel echoes give the effect that the voice is coming from far. I much prefer the voice feeling like it is up close, personal and interment, like it is coming from right inside my head. Try using a small room effect, no echo and speak right up close to the mic.

    I like the tone of the soundtrack, that should be used more often and be very subtle, almost unnoticeable as the way you put it together was pretty good imo.

    Were you able to experience a trance feeling or was it too hard to drop?
    No, I didn’t experience a trance

    Are you interested in seeing more clips like this?
    I love the idea, I think it needs to be more targeted towards an advanced listener.

    1. Diana Rey says:

      Interesting take and some useful information in here. While I can’t apply some of these suggestions to this specific concept (the idea being to induce trance with minimal speech rather than more) I’m going to revisit this concept again but start off with a traditional spoken induction.

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