Quiz: What Type Of Subject Are You?

Everyone has their own style when it comes to hypnosis. What drops one will distract another, and the things that come up in trance are entirely unique to the individual.

What motivates YOU as a hypnosis subject? Take this little quiz and find out — and drop your subject type in the comments.

Describe your experience with hypnosis:

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What kind of inductions usually work best on you?

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If you have to pick only one, what kind of add-ons do you prefer?

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What is the best possible outcome of a trance?

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Which is most important to you?

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What Kind of Subject Are You?
The Purist

You're in it mainly for the feeling of trance. You've likely been fascinated by hypnosis for a long time, perhaps even going back to childhood. One of the more "independent" types of subject -- you like to shop around and experience a wide array of trance techniques, and you usually don't require a lot of guidance from the Domme. The Purist often enjoys being the hypnotist sometimes, too and invariably knows a lot about how trances work.
The Psychonaut

This person loves trippy psychedelic files, visuals, lights, weird vocal effects, and motion. You're almost a trance purist, but to you, hypnosis is fun because it's an altered state of consciousness that allows you thoughts and sensory experiences you may not normally be able to access. The Psychonaut is intrigued by the potential of unlocking the subconscious, and may also enjoy hypnosis as a means of self-transformation.
The Supplicant

Your focus is on connection, devotion, and feelings of submissiveness. Often involves body worship and addictive language. You feel best when getting a lot of time and conversation with your Domme. The Supplicant typically feels post-hypnotic effects the hardest, noticing trance feelings creep into their everyday lives. The Supplicant sees hypnosis as a tool to explore other fetishes, or as a means of becoming more submissive.
The Volunteer

To this type of subject, it's exciting to be played with like a toy, acting out suggestions no matter how silly or lewd. You typically drop very easily and you might not remember the trance very well after the fact -- but not knowing is part of the fun. The Volunteer loves to engage in play that looks like stage hypnosis, but the trance is no less real.

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18 thoughts on “Quiz: What Type Of Subject Are You?

  1. George says:

    I’d love to experience a real HFO and ejaculate because the hypnotist made me.
    But apparently that’s too hard to achieve.

  2. Brandon says:

    This is spot on, wow, Diana Rey understands me better than any hypnotist ever before I’m ready to fall deeper for her

  3. Al Konic says:

    I got Supplicant. Also when reading the options for the add-ons question, when I got to “The hypnotist herself, hand motions, eye gazing…” I immediately pictured Lady Diana and felt myself slip a little.

  4. Devote Subject says:

    I’m a purist through and through but open to a wide variety of techniques I like a cooperative effort instead of just saying let go let go let go more and nothing poss s me off more than somebody just talking about how deep they gonna you and how you’re obedient, and then they wouldn’t know a command if it hit them in the asss and sometimes I like flipping the script

  5. S L says:

    I’ve been watching videos of hypnodommes for years and took this quiz. I was a “Purist”. Then I watched Miss Diana’s videos everyday for 2 weeks straight. I took the quiz again and was changed to a “Supplicant”.

  6. Joy_as_an_act_of_resistance says:

    Psychonaut. But it would be interesting to know what kind of hypnotist You are Mistress. I don’t know if there is a quiz to know it. For me the result would be: psychowitch.

    1. missdianarey says:

      Ha, you nailed it.
      I have Purist tendencies but definitely lean more toward the Psychonaut type, so psychowitch is a great term…

  7. Adam says:

    I’m The Volunteer type of subject, but this is hard to define
    for me it’s all about reaching deeper, crossing boundries, limits and total surrender seems completely natural to go there …

  8. Bob Levering says:

    I came out a Supplicant, but I had a hard time finding an answer to a couple questions. My attraction to hypnosis is not being in trance (and I have never really been fully under). I love hypnosis because it is inherently erotic, involves a power exchange, and utilizes the power of suggestion (which of course works without hypnosis). So despite never having been hypnotized, I have fallen under your spell many times and been affected by your suggestions. I love to be seduced and lose control to a beautiful, skillful seductress like yourself. And I guess that makes me a Supplicant or variant thereof.

  9. Paladin says:

    Miss Diana, I came out as The Purist – This fits me well because I am new to this and I am ‘shopping’ around regarding the femdom erotic hypnotists. I have felt different depths of connection with different hypnotists. Thank you for the experience of “Rewired” (I think that is the title). It was a very deep drop training me to feel the depth of emptiness of my mind in trance and ending with a 20 min rest. I have enjoyed three of your video trances now I am coming back for more time with you. I see you may have used several different titles. Do you prefer a specific title to be addressed? “Miss”, “Dr”, and “Lady” are the ones I have noticed. Thank you again.

    1. missdianarey says:

      Miss or Mistress is perfect. Looking forward to getting to know you, pet — and pleased that you found my trances.

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