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Put your vices to good use with My power. I design a sigil to symbolize My control over you. Once you are mindless, all your energy is at My disposal, and I command you to masturbate. Direct your energy into fulfilling My desires.

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What is a sigil?

Desire is a fickle beast. You might want something dearly, yet you fear failure or unwelcome results. Thus, some part of you wants to avoid fulfilling the desire, and so your mind becomes conflicted.
Sigils, as I use them here, are a method of achieving one’s will within chaos magic. They’re designed to bypass the ego’s usual messiness by distilling the idea into a graphic representation. There are various methods to achieve this, but my preferred method involves scrambling letters (details here).
If that seems ridiculously simple, it is. But precise phrasing is key. I’ve explained it to others as “genie rules.” Imagine you’re telling this wish to an ironic genie looking for ways to fuck with you, and you’ll be more exact. Consider the common example of a man who wishes for money, then gets an inheritance after the sudden death of a loved one.

Sigils and Hypnosis

Most importantly, sigil-making requires a focused mind and well-developed visualization. You can probably see why a hypnotist would take an interest in this idea. Trance states, in their deepest and purest form, are integral to humanity’s most ancient occult traditions.
Once you’ve cleared your mind, written down your intent, rearranged it into a simple image, you’ve got your sigil. You now have an image for the subconscious to parse. If you focus on the image while directing intense energy toward it — magical trance, intense emotion, orgasm — it “charges” the intent and aids in manifesting the desire.
It’s not exactly a leap of logic to understand that your enjoyment of my clips makes my will stronger. I’m no stranger to focused sexual energy or a sleeping conscious mind. I’ve been dabbling in the occult for a while, so asking my puppets to charge a sigil is the natural next step. So, this clip is an experiment: what happens when my ever-growing slave army charges all my sigils with their orgasms? Do your duty and jerk off for Miss D to find out.


One thought on “Sigil Hypno Magic – JOI Hypnosis

  1. Jonah says:

    Using magic to control people is devious Miss.. sexual release harvested like this is powerful.. this can’t be undone.. sigil magic is very old…

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