September Tarot: Mask Off

September Tarot - Diana Rey

Unifying your experience is the goal for this changing season. September is a month for taking off the mask and re-ordering whatever you find beneath.

I focus heavily on physical feeling in trance in order to retrain the mind to access its intuition. We spend a lot of time disregarding our bodies, and reinforcing a divide between the physical and the mental. The process of crafting these trances has a rebound effect sometimes: I find myself feeling calmer yet activated in the same way you do when you listen to me. 

One of my tricks is asking you to describe a physical sensation, not a feeling-word like “good” or “content” or “calm.” What occurs in your body? How often do you tune into that? Your goal for September is to build this skill.


Anyone who acts like logic and emotions are opposites understands neither. They’re two sides of the same coin, and we use both in a delicately interconnected manner.

Men are forced to suppress their emotions, but emotional intelligence is a critical part of being a whole human being. If the emotions are suppressed, what passes for “logic” becomes faulty. Our emotional thoughts do not vanish just because we repress them; instead they surface in ways we can’t see. Without an awareness of our feelings, our ability to reason is polluted. 

This card is asking you to pay attention to the ways you rationalize or intellectualize things that you might need to just experience.  Many people struggle with body-focused inductions or visualization in trance. With practice, anyone can let their mind wander more freely.


Despite its morbid trappings, this is one of my favorite cards to turn over, because it symbolizes change. This is a time to transform yourself and clear away the things that aren’t doing you any good. 

For this month, take this card as an opportunity to let go of your attachments and illusions about who you are. You’re outgrowing a suppressive mode of existence. Death is not an end, but a necessary part of a cycle. 

The Knight of Cups 

Note the parallels between the horses in both the Knight of Cups and Death. Neither of them are charging forward into battle. There is no aggression, no urgency. Simply a steady, inevitable trot forward.

This Knight is often characterized as being in touch with his “feminine” side, and he represents a charismatic man that is in touch with his emotions and shares compassion without restraint. 

But again, feelings are not the domain of women and logic is not the domain of men. The message from this card is that your emotional experience will catch up with you, no matter how hard you try to outpace it. And should you allow it, you’ll be able to embody the appeal of the Knight of Cups.

Your task

Obfuscate asks you to acknowledge your self-imposed limitations, Death invites you to open up to change, and the Knight models what kind of person you can be. Do something this September to take care of your emotional state, be it a weekend getaway, a new journaling practice, a few therapy sessions, or a trance session that lets you feel truly unlocked and unrestricted.

2 thoughts on “September Tarot: Mask Off

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoyed your reading. I just discovered you on Twitter and was curious about the combination of the Rider-Waite deck and the other deck that you are using. Is it an oracle deck? Your method intrigues me very much.

    1. Diana Rey says:

      Yes, it’s the Earthbound Oracle deck — one of my favorites, can’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t come with an instruction or meaning book and instead invites intuitive reading, so I tend to center my monthly readings around the Earthbound card, with the Major Arcana and court cards providing more of a forecast, so to speak.

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