On the Purist

Purist brain. Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger via Unsplash

The hypno-purist gets his kicks from the feeling of trance

The Purist is drawn by the feeling of trance. For them, the “goal” of a hypnosis session is simply to experience the attached feelings: brain fuzz, lightness, calm.

There’s a sense of surrender there too, but not necessarily a D/s power exchange. It’s more about a release of inhibition, and the winding down of ego-brain chatter.

It’s not uncommon for a purist to develop their fascination in a completely innocent context. Often, a hypnotist in a movie or cartoon caught their interest as a child, and time plus puberty turned it into a full-blown fetish.

Purists know they are susceptible to hypnosis. They usually know exactly what inductions and styles they respond to, and they’re easy to drop — if the hypnotist knows what they’re doing.

Purists value skill

Purists like to shop around and experience a wide array of trance techniques. They aren’t particularly devoted to one Domme, but when they find someone skilled enough to meet their needs, they’ll stick around. They usually don’t need a lot of guidance, orders, or assignments, either — simply the experience.

The Purist operates with the basic understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. So, they are discerning about the performance of the hypnotist, and a good show is critical to them.

If you’re a Purist, your initial excitement comes from the knowledge that someone can skillfully hypnotize you. Then, the subtle release of tension and resistance keeps you happy. You may not be submissive per se, but all human beings enjoy a little break from the endless chatter of their own minds.

Is it submission?

Purists don’t necessarily desire many of the things that come along with D/s power exchange: coerced fetish play, Dom/me worship, or submissive/inferior roles.

However, the feeling of mental surrender, discussed above, is a kind of submission. The mindset of the Purist is not one of the devoted slave. And while we’re all here for sexual reasons, it’s a paraphilia rather than a sexuality. The enjoyment comes from the knowledge that one can surrender, and the arousal stems from that knowledge alone.

Some Purists enjoy performing hypnosis on others, as well. Because they fixate on trance itself, they start figuring out how it works pretty quickly.

The Purist in a nutshell

You know what you like, and you know what constitutes a good trance. You understand how a good trance is constructed and you’re determined to find it. But most importantly, you get your bliss from a true, deep trance, and don’t require any bells and whistles to enjoy it.

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