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Learn the feeling of total submission, 24/7. In this video, you will be trained to fully focus your attention on Mistress and accept her authority. Through masturbation instruction you come to understand how completely you are controlled by me. Your obsession with surrendering to me means you live as though under My watchful eye at all times. Warning: this clip uses flashing lights, do not watch if you are prone to seizures.

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What is the Panopticon?

In the late 18th century, the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham conceived of a building that would keep its occupants under total control. The plan consists of a circular outer ring of cells and a single watchtower in the middle. The inmates within each cell can be seen from the watchtower 24/7, but don’t know whether or not they’re being watched — effectively forcing them to behave appropriately at all times.

Michel Foucault conceptualized this as a symbol of social control in his work Discipline and Punish. He used this concept to illustrate how discipline functions as a tool of power and how even subjects of that power perpetuate its control over themselves.

In My Panopticon, you are the inmate and I am your jailer. This clip aids you in becoming aware of My eyes on you at all times.

Living under surveillance

Foucault’s concept of the Panopticon is striking and hard to deny. It’s quite simple: a social order built on power uses discipline to keep its subjects in line. When you live in constant fear of that discipline, you self-regulate to avoid it.

Think of all the times your self-conscious nature has held you back even when you are alone. Get up and put on a song and start dancing. How long does it take you to let loose and forget to be awkward and stiff? Perhaps you, like me, talk to yourself — how many times have you suddenly noticed your monologues and felt embarrassed or perplexed, even when no one was there?

These are innocuous examples but it’s safe to say that the Panopticon extends itself into our daily lives. There are social expectations, and as hierarchical animals, adherence to these expectations confers status. Once you see this, it is much easier to consciously opt in and out of your “cell” at will.

Make your choice

Power play in all its forms is a parody of the Panopticon. It is social control taken to logical absurdities and used to warp expectations. It’s a parody of social domination: using the usual societal modes of discipline and punishment to engage in decidedly deviant behaviors. This is part of why many find D/s play so fulfilling — it’s subversive yet familiar. Even femdom is simply a gender-flipped re-creation of normal power structures, so it’s not radical by definition. But you wouldn’t exactly call it traditional, either, would you?

24/7 play takes this further: bringing the Dominant’s control into the submissive’s life in a constant way. Every waking moment is imbued with the Dominant’s control by means of tasks, check-ins, assignments, choice removal, et cetera.

The duality of uncharted territory and ordinary context creates a perfect state for profound shifts in the mind.

Condition and re-condition

Paradox has a funny way of forcing our minds into a trance state. Any hypnosis induction operates on a basic structure: overloading the mind with seemingly contradictory messages. Focus but let go. Relax but pay attention. Listen but don’t think. Somehow it makes sense to be awake and asleep at the same time, but only in trance.

This is why hypnosis is an effective tool for reframing control. In that state of mind, you can see your normal programming with calm detachment and begin the process of removal. And best of all, you can consent to new programming that suits you better.

You are already conditioned to act as if you are being watched 24/7. But by whom? Through hypnosis, you now have a choice. And why wouldn’t you choose this? Stepping into My panopticon is a decidedly more interesting experience than languishing in the mundane cells watched by the infamous They.

Constraint is simply a function of human nature. Most of us are far from the type of enlightenment that allows genuine freedom (and even if you are there, good luck explaining that to a jury). Your freedom comes from the choice….them, or Me?

Make your choice here:

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  1. Gustav says:

    A very keen analysis – a mind like yours is a jewel that breaks the white light of the familiar superficial world into a myriad shades, each of them deeper and more real.
    It’s an almost kinesthetic pleasure to read you.

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