On the Responsibilities of a Hypnosub

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What do you bring to the table?

It’s a hard question to answer unless you know what I want. And what I want depends on who you are. I like to make our exchanges impactful, and so they must be personal.

But, most subs will face this question in some form or another. In online play, the concept of “service” is a bit muddied by distance. Many find themselves eager to take the initiative, but unsure what to offer.

What I want from you, personally, will depend on what I find in your mind as we talk. But even before you approach, there are things you can cultivate to offer Me.


The submissive must be able to articulate what does and doesn’t work for them. A good example: “Inductions with a lot of visualization don’t really put me under. I have a hard time thinking in images, and it distracts me from the trance. Can we try another style?”

That’s a concrete statement with a clear cause and effect. And I can adapt a trance around that. Comparatively, something like “I just have a hard time dropping” is information-poor, and will result in a lot of mutually frustrating sessions.


None of that self-awareness will benefit My work if you don’t share it with me. I always ask my sub for hard limits before any type of 1-1 play, but that list can always be in flux.

You may know you have no interest in humiliation. Great, neither do I. But, what if I unintentionally say something in a session that makes you feel ashamed?

We often know our hard limits, but there are softer boundaries that are more complicated to navigate. Communicate about what you don’t like — and what you like, as well. If a part of the previous trance really resonated, tell me about it! We can build on that in the next one. And that’s what I mean when I talk about “going deeper.”

Ownership over your own desire

I have no problem taking the reins. But I don’t love being approached with “whatever you want, Mistress.”

For a 1-1 relationship to be engaging and fulfilling for both of us, you should have a clear goal in mind. And if you’re not sure what you want to achieve, your goal is to uncover your unexpressed desires.

When working with me, your goals are simply your desires. I want to know what brings you toward bliss — or why you haven’t quite grasped it yet. I want to hear about the kinks and fetishes, even if I don’t share them.

I know the central fantasy for many is total surrender of control. That doesn’t require you to act as if you have no desires of your own. To share them openly is to put them in the hands of another. That’s much sexier than just riding out a few generic trances.


A recorded trance is an entirely different beast than a one-on-one, in real time, with your hypnotist. You can adapt it. You can experiment. The direction it takes is often a pleasant surprise.

It’s important to know what does and doesn’t work for you. But it’s also important to remain open to experimentation. When my subject is responsive, I can be more creative with the direction we take. And that’s when I have the most fun.

Not every trance will be a total mindless ecstatic cumfest. If we only focus on achieving that, we can’t introduce any new ideas to explore. Stay receptive to different styles, inductions, suggestions, and directions. When you’re under, your subconscious mind will latch onto any detail that it likes and take you somewhere unexpected but wonderful.


Approach me with an awareness of what you want from me. Don’t be afraid to tell me how the trances make you feel. Know what you want, and help me bring that desire into reality. And let yourself go off the rails a bit.

Fetish, in and of itself, isn’t what makes a session particularly fun for me.

Instead, what makes a trance stand out is when our minds hit a stride together. We start clearing a path toward a mutually shared desire. If you come in engaged, invested in the process, and ready to help shape it, you’ve fulfilled your responsibilities as a submissive.

Recordings can only take us so far. Hypnosis is designed to be personalized, and even a little bit of one-on-one contact might make all the difference for you. If you find yourself intrigued, book a text chat session and let’s explore the possibilities together.

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  1. madohr says:

    I think you are seductively beautiful! I would like to try exploring my weaknesses for being a hypnodom submissive!

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