On sigils and occult hypnosis

diana rey - sigil

What are these weird symbols in my trances?

While the clip associated with this post is archived, I describe the basics of a sigil here.

I have used them in my personal practice for a long time, for everything from inducing lucid dreams to shaking off old wounds. To me, they clarify my desire and allow me to end cyclical, unproductive thoughts.

This idea came to me from Peter Carroll’s book Liber Null:

The mere act of wanting is rarely effective, as the will becomes involved in a dialogue with the mind. This dilutes magical ability in may ways. The desire becomes part of the ego complex; the mind becomes anxious of failure. The will not to fulfill desire arises to reduce fear of failure. Soon the original desire is a mass of conflicting ideas.

To use my lucid dreaming example, the sigil posted near my bed worked when nothing else did. I’d attempted lucid dreaming many times, but in the back of my mind, a fear that it was impossible kept simmering away. I transferred that out of my head in the act of making the image, and the repeated sight of it as I tucked in for the night helped my subconscious remember to stay a little more alert. A pretty mundane explanation, but then I believe all magic can be attributed to that. It doesn’t make it any less powerful.

The sigils I use in my trances bring my concepts out. The shapes are suggestive of what I am trying to accomplish, but as the meaning is obscured, it’s less distracting to your mind. They erase barriers between me and what I want — and between you and what you want.

The role of ritual

I love Tarot as a tool for self-exploration. I often find myself explaining, when I do readings, that the cards can’t really tell the future or offer yes-or-no answers. Instead, they offer a framework to structure your thoughts.

Tarot cards and oracle decks are heavily symbolic, and our minds love a good symbol. They usually come with a guidebook of meaning, but we all have individual connotations and associations with each card.

Think about The Empress vs. the High Priestess. In your most ecstatic moments, you might ascribe either to your Mistress, but there are subtle differences between the two, aren’t there? Knowing what you’re looking for — empress or priestess — helps hone your desire and clear your path.

Your mind responds to patterns and structure in its own unique way. Ritual offers both of these things, with the added bonus of aesthetic pleasure and mysterious appeal.

How to bring a little occult into your trance practice

My sigils may transfix you in a clip, because I tell your mind to be transfixed by them. Their meaning is beyond you, but your interaction with my intent helps bring it about.

A sigil that you create (or that you commission) will hold deeper, more nuanced meaning in a single image. Your own associations with cards or other occult tools will give you more meaningful answers.

Erotic magic is an old tradition. A reading or a spell crafted by another practitioner is a wonderful place to start, but I highly recommend weaving your own occult interests into your trance. Harness the state of mind you achieve in trance to amplify your intent. Choose tools that resonate with you, and allow your subconscious mind to speak through them.

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