On 2020 Changes

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I change my trigger word each year. I like to reflect my own changes, and guide the changes I see in my own submissives. For this year, the word is CONTACT.

Contact with the deepest parts of your mind. Contact with your submission. Contact with your Mistress. This year’s trances will be all about getting in touch with your hypnotic sweet spots.

I’m making a few changes to my online presence as well. I’ll still be around as you know me, but I’d like to shift my focus toward more 1-on-1 interactions and more room for creativity in my clips. I too, want contact.

So in the coming year, you can expect:

  • Fewer clips — I won’t be posting one per week like I usually do, but I will still be making the trance clips you know and love
  • More unique multimedia content
  • Greater opportunities for interaction with me, and more time and options for sessions


Whenever someone new takes a liking to my clips, they often message me to ask where they can find more. I delete my archives from the previous year around the end of January, so it leaves some wanting.

The reason I do this is partially because of storage space limitations, but also to create a fresh start for the next years’ content. My style and focus changes over time, and I want the concepts to present themselves in their own context.

I don’t like to let things pile up. And I think that one should clean their internal world as often as their external world. This is why I kick off the year with a clip to erase old triggers and suggestions, and why I tidy up my ever-expanding collection of clips.

Luckily for you all, I do bundle up my archives periodically and release them in zipped files. They’re organized loosely by topic, so you can choose the ones that speak to your interests. Right now you can get these collections of my 2015-2017 clips:

I’ll be adding more archives over time, so be sure to follow me on Twitter. And before the month is out, be sure to go through everything from 2019 and snap up anything you missed.

I’m looking forward to another year of going deeper, and I’m glad you all have been with me through the changes.

One thought on “On 2020 Changes

  1. Fernando says:

    This is excellent! Be more en contact with your subs is simple the best thing. Thx Miss Diana!

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