October Tarot: Heading Into the Deep

October Tarot - Diana Rey

After re-ordering your inner life last month, a lot of things can get stirred up. October is an invitation to let it all settle, and find some balance in rest. 

When I walk you into trance, no matter where it’s headed, we always start with rest. Relaxation primes the mind for greater things, resets the body so tension doesn’t linger and distract, and melds the physical and mental experience.

The same way you can’t escape my sweet voice and trigger words, you can’t avoid rest. It will catch up to you, so why not embrace it?


This card features a hibernating bear. Personally, I envy the mammals that just get to fuck off out of winter altogether, and I’d guess some of you feel that, too. When the temperature drops, our bodies slow down. After a sustained period of activity, we have to recover.

Hypnosis uses the language and imagery of sleep, and provides a much-needed enforced rest from the chatter of the conscious mind. While my trances might be delightful, have you ever tried utilizing my triggers on your own to induce calm or rest? I’ve built them to work that way, you know. 

Throughout October, try to induce a bit of rest whenever you can. Steal 5 minutes of quiet time at work, go to bed a little earlier, use my trigger words to calm your anxious mind.

The Hanged Man 

This is a card of surrender and submission. It prompts you to invite those things into your life — even beyond the context of hypno-play. 

Let life dom you a little bit this month. It will have its way regardless, so it’s preferable to find some enjoyment in submitting to its twists and turns. A deeper part of you enjoys not having control; otherwise, why would you be here?

As you get in touch with the deeper parts of your mind, it sharpens your instincts. Much like the bear knows when to hibernate, your body knows when it is time to pause and step away from your routines. If you find yourself insisting that you “have” to do something, ask yourself why — and if it doesn’t need to be done, take a rest.

The Queen of Swords 

After the emotional work of last month, and the rest that this month is calling for, you’re best supported by a figure that combines a piercing intellect with receptivity. 

The Queen of Swords represents this archetype, and rather than reverting back to a purely one-sided logical experience, you should seek external guidance that speaks a sharp truth but offers it from a place of respect and openness. Wink, wink…

Your task 

Use October to reflect on your relationship to hypnosis. Disrupt your routine a bit, and perhaps spend a bit more time with clips that really speak to you.

Now is a time to retreat within and spend time with your dreams of submission so you can bring them into reality. It’s also a great month to work through my Occult Training series, which uses magic and trance to teach you that very concept.

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  1. Pepper says:

    Miss D, As I tweeted, love your tarot readings, and I sent a tribute out of sincere gratitude for the skillful work you do with them. Thank you again.
    Yours, On bended knee,

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