November Tarot: Exploring the Ruins

November Tarot - Diana Rey

November is about allowing the collapse of useless pursuits. After last month’s rest, it’s time to get to work and start dismantling the things that hold you back from being a fully-realized submissive. 


This card suggests that it’s time to move forward into the unknown, and that this migration is inevitable. It’s time to let go of something you’ve been clinging to, and move toward a better reality. It might be bad habits, an old mindset, an obsession, or a feeling of dissatisfaction. 

But be careful in this process. You’ve probably heard the saying “Wherever you go, there you are.” If you leave things behind without doing some transformation and reflection, have you really made progress?

In trance, I always draw your attention to the feeling after the drop, the lack of conscious-mind chatter. Anything you leave behind should bring similar relief.

The Tower 

If you’ve been facing a lot of upheaval in your life, this card may fill you with grim recognition. But if things have been stable, you may have something unexpected creeping up on you. 

The Tower represents sudden destructive change. Rather than the gentle invitation of Death, this card is here to shake you to your core. Change is coming to tear things apart, because you’ve built on unstable foundations. 

Emotional work is difficult after a lifetime of suppression and coping. As you get deeper into your own mind, the things you find there will fuck you up. Clear away the rubble diligently instead of despairing over the mess; it’s time to build something new.

The King of Pentacles 

This card represents someone whose house is entirely in order. The King of Pentacles is your guide for this month, serving as a model of a man who presides over a prosperous home with wisdom and confidence.

While Pentacles are often linked to financial success and matters of the household, I’m broadening the definitions of “home” and “prosperity” here. Your domain is the environment in which you move: the actual rooms you live in, yes, but it also includes the emotional atmosphere you create, the network of people around you, the sense of belonging in your community.  “Home” is your niche in the whole ecosystem. What domains do you occupy physically, mentally, spiritually? And do you feel successful in carving out the space you need? 

The previous cards speak to a need for revolutionary thinking, a drastic change from the status quo. While you sift through the wreckage of the Tower, the King of Pentacles embodies the ideal to strive for.

Your task 

Get clear on how you want to exist as a part of your community. You can make the word “community” as broad or narrow as you want — here, I’m thinking specifically of the intersecting world of BDSM, hypnosis, and sex work — but the key is to let that insular tower collapse and build a new one.

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