Mistress, may I ask…?

I receive dozens of messages a day from thirsty men clamoring for my attention. So I’ve put together this handy little FAQ to give you some insight into your Domina.


I’ve never been hypnotized before, can you hypnotize me? 

  • Yes.

I just found your clips. Which ones do you recommend I purchase first/next?

I want to serve you.

How much should I tribute? 

  • Think of this like the cost of an item at a designer boutique: if you have to ask, you don’t belong here.

I’m unavailable/too nervous for phone or cam calls, how can I be your slave? 

  • I offer chat hypnosis, and you may also tribute in exchange for longer hypnotic email exchanges. Contact me for details.

I want to be hypnotized NOW! Are you available? 

  • No. I am not available at your whims, you are available at mine. You must schedule a session ahead of time. Think of me as any other professional offering any type of counsel — we all require appointments.

How much time do I need for a session? 

  • At least 30 minutes if we’ve never spoken before. Even if your conditioning is well-established, it’s difficult to achieve a satisfying hypnosis session for both of us in under half an hour.

Did you get my message? Why haven’t you answered? 

  • Did you get my attention? Why haven’t you tried to di$tingui$h your$elf?

My fetish is XYZ and I’m not interested in hypnosis.

  • Cool, move along, then.

My fetish is XYZ and I am interested in incorporating that into hypnosis. 

  • I will entertain respectful requests and decide on a case-by-case basis.
  • I do NOTHING involving non-consenting parties. I do not like homophobic slurs, transphobic slurs, or racist play (cuckolds, I’m looking at you).  All these are insta-blocks.

I need brutal humiliation. Will you yell at me? 

  • I’m probably not the Domme for you. I prefer to employ humiliation in a more subtle manner, and you may not even be aware of when it’s happening. I also don’t like yelling. My style is calm and pleasure-focused, and the power and control express themselves through that.

Will you send me risque pics so I can worship you? 

  • I don’t believe in “worship” over long-distances.

I’m new to all this, but I want to be your submissive. 

Do you do assignments? 

  • Yes, if we’ve established contact in sessions.

Do you do contracts? 

  • Yes, on a time limit. Contact for info.

I left your service/got blocked and now want to come crawling back.

  • $500 unblock fee, Amazon giftcard only. No exceptions.

Do you do realtime sessions? 

  • No.


Where do you live? 

  • This is an impertinent, but ridiculously common question. The only information about my location that is relevant to you is my time zone, for scheduling. It’s Eastern US time.

What are your measurements? 

  • What’s your credit card number?

How long have you been a Domme? 

  • I’ve enjoyed D/s play in my personal life for years, but I started on Niteflirt in 2014.

What got you into hypnosis? 

  • A fluke and a knack. I encountered the hypno-fetish world by chance, and because I like to try new things, I submitted to trance and learned to hypnotize others. It just so happens that hypnosis is one of my many talents, and I enjoy the contrast between the softness of trance and the brutality of domination. I expand on these thoughts often in my blog posts, so add this site to your RSS reader if you want to learn more.

What is your preferred title? 

  • Miss. Mistress is acceptable.

Do you have a boyfriend? 

  • Unless you’ve earned the privilege of even thinking about my sex life, don’t bother.
  • However, I will indulge you some details: I am bisexual and non-monogamous.

What gets you off? 

  • If you mean physically, see above. If you mean mentally, why do you think I do what I do?

3 thoughts on “Mistress, may I ask…?

  1. mike says:

    Thank You for putting together such a complete list of FAQs. This helps immensely. i am hoping to learn to serve You. Best Wishes!

  2. jdn54! says:

    Mistress, i am trying to establish contact. This supplicant finds Your voice, Your cadence, and Your presence very overwhelming! i did send a tribute through Indiebill on Nov 3. i purchased Your training file a few days ago. i suspect You’ve been overwhelmed with training requests, but i would like to get in line for Your next session, if possible.

  3. Paladin says:

    Miss Diana, I am leaving this to let you know I asked a question in the “What Type Are You?” comment section about what title you prefer. I see now that is covered in the FAQ that I just read. Many pardons Miss Diana.

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