May Tarot: Master Your Own Drop

diana rey - may tarot 2020

May is here, and while the world has become a strange place, we’ve shaken off the doldrums of winter. This month, you’re going to find a hidden reserve of energy and competence that will lead you toward better hypno-submission.

When someone approaches me for a session, most of our initial conversation is focused on what kind of trance I will provide for them. We have to find our overlapping interests, and I want to give you a sense of what to expect from me.

But, once we proceed to the first one-on-one trance, I’m testing your ability to trance. Some of you go under at the drop of a hat, while others need a specific approach.

Last month you were focused on moving past your self-imposed barriers. Now that you’ve done that work, you can find more clarity to see what exactly you need.


April’s work required you to become aware of what holds you back in trance. Perhaps, now that you notice it more keenly, it feels frustrating whenever it resurfaces. I know what the problem is — why can’t I just get past it?

You may be working through deeply ingrained habits and siege-proof walls. This card is a triumphant sign that you should stay with that work. Liberation is around the corner. Trance is a thread in the tapestry of your life, and it doesn’t have to be particularly tangled.

The Emperor

This card embodies wisdom and mastery. The goal this May is to rule over your mind with discipline, but fairness as well.

Come back to that question: why can’t I just get past it? The Emperor understands that this work takes time, and that awareness itself is a key part of the process.

This month, take the time to observe your mental state and do so with the calm security of a peacetime emperor. Watch your thoughts form when you are in trance, and you’ll find yourself with more control over how they vanish.

You don’t have to let your hypnodom/me dictate your entire state of being. And you shouldn’t. It will feel less authentic, and less powerful. When you know what your goals are, when you can direct your own response, you’ll find more fulfillment.


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