March Tarot: Pick a door, any door

diana rey - march tarot

My trances are designed to induce purposeful change in your thinking. All hypnosis does this, to a degree, but in some ways we hypnotists neglect to consider the long-reaching effects.

As the online hypnofetish world grows and evolves, it’s useful to examine what kind of scene we’re creating. Many Dommes are using their power to encourage healthy boundaries and approaches to play.

Some clients don’t like to consider the fact that I do this work for money, but I’m not one to sugarcoat. Money is involved, and it matters. In last month’s post, I talked about the cycle of relapse and abstinence, and how it creates frustration and relapse.

I don’t think it’s useful to deny that we are participants in the larger industry of sex work, or that the relapse/return cycles are related to the transactional nature. Instead, hypnosubs should examine their relationship to the content they buy, and reframe the things that might create an unhealthy obsession. We have a long way to go, but our cultural concepts of sex work are changing. As we learn to view it as just another service industry, the experiences for workers and clients improve.


As I referenced in my Tweet above, it’s important to take a step back and inventory what you’re allowing into your head. Even short-term suggestions can have a wide-ranging impact. While some of them may offer an immediate rush of pleasure, they may leak out into other areas of life.

I muck about in people’s minds every day. I put more thought into my phrasing and suggestions than I used to, and I offer lots of opportunities for my hypnosubs to reject or change ideas.

How has your thinking changed since you got into the scene? Are you comfortable with all these changes? Do you have some buried thoughts about the direction you truly want? Permanence asks you to consider all that this month.

The Empress

This card represents femininity and abundance. The Empress is compassionate, supportive, and creative. I’m sure you can think of many Dommes you’ve encountered that embody her qualities.

This card, quite simply, instructs you to take the realizations from Permanence and bring them to a hypnodom that wants to offer you room to grow, not a smaller cage.

Don’t get me wrong — playing with ideas of servitude and devotion is 100% my thing. I often refer to my “puppets.” But it’s play, and it’s important for the Dominant and the submissive to compartmentalize that concept.

Exploring a hypnofetish should be liberating and fun. It should not feel like a burden or a trap. I want my content to feel like a pleasant luxury, not a guilty secret.

And a hypnotist can become burned out by a client’s shame and hyper-fixation. I take great pains to avoid becoming jaded and maintain my empathy as I witness those cycles play out over and over.

This month I want you to work with me to shake off that lingering baggage. Find your Empress (even if it’s not me! I’m not for everyone) and move toward more freedom in your hypno-play.

2 thoughts on “March Tarot: Pick a door, any door

  1. Robert says:

    Thank you, Lady Diana. I will think on it a bit more and try to put it into practice. I tend to think of myself, and my mind, as indestructible and insurmountable, but that’s no reason to struggle with hurtful baggage.

  2. Luca says:

    After reading this post I reconsidered You and Your work under the light of what You wrote. The hypnofetish has always been a guilty secret for me, and it still is, as plays out scenarios I’m not comfortable with (submission, dependency, devotion).

    If I will ever be able to afford it, I will definitely have a session with You.

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