Positive Feminizing Hypnosis – “Magical Feminization”

Let Miss Diana show you your inner power and make your feminization dreams a reality. In this trance you will feel your body changing shape and your nature taking on a more feminine quality. Learn to focus your sexual energy into transformative power. As you follow my orders to masturbate, your masculinity will vanish the more you drain yourself.

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If you haven’t read my thoughts on feminization before, you should read this post. As a proponent of Female Supremacy, I have some opinions on it. If you’re looking for humiliating feminization, this is not where you will find it.

What are the items?

This trance is mostly audio-centric, since it focuses on your internal experience. At certain moments, you can see me use some traditional magical tools in order to strengthen the concept behind the trance.

These tools are all common altar objects in many Pagan and Wiccan traditions. Some may also recognize the suits of the Tarot (minus pentacles — surprisingly, I don’t have a giant pentagram laying around…yet).

The meaning and purpose of each tool ties in with the language of the trance. Some might be scratching their heads at “magical tools,” but each item is a symbol onto which I project my intentions.

The Candle Flame

Visualizing your energy as a ball of light is a common feature in hypnosis inductions, and I use the flame both as a visual aid and as a powerful symbol. Candles are placed on the altar to invoke power and represent the strength of a spell — notice how the flame is smooth and steady even as I move it toward myself.

The Wand

The wand represents the element of fire which governs your passions, life force, and sexuality. Moving the wand directs your energy. The dick jokes practically write themselves, but in addition to that, a wand is a useful way to visualize moving energy throughout your body.

The Knife and Pendulum

Sometimes called theĀ athame, the knife represents the masculine aspect of divinity. It is also associated with the element of Air which is primarily concerned with matters of the mind. Here it might seem somewhat threatening — and it’s supposed to. The knife is there to cut away the obstacles to your feminine expression, which exist primarily in your conscious mind.

Pendulums are sometimes used for divination in witchcraft, though I personally don’t use them that way. Here, it is a tool to deepen trance but if you like, perhaps we are also divining the deeper truth of your desires.

The Cup

The chalice represents the female aspect and the element of water. This element rules the emotions and subconscious mind. Here, perhaps a bit crudely, it is also simply a vessel, encouraging you to release the symbol of your masculinity and surrender to your inner feminine nature.

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