June Tarot: Push and Pull

diana rey - june tarot 2020

In June, the days are skewed. In the Northern hemisphere, we reach the longest day of the year (reverse that for the South, of course) and the balance of light-to-dark is as far off as it will ever be.

Last month was about finding the hidden reserve of energy needed to realize your hypno-sub dreams. This is taxing work, whether you feel it or not, and things may feel a little off kilter this month. Your goal is to let them.


What do I mean when I talk about resistance? I play with this concept in trance, but I make you feel it rather than explain it. It shows up throughout the process:

You may resist letting your body relax while I perform the induction.

Your emotional state may resist the vulnerability of total surrender.

You might resist certain suggestions.

Resistance isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if you’re trying to achieve some sublime ideal of surrender, resistance is a message. It’s your job to listen to it. Resistance is protective, so ask yourself whether this protection is a useful filter or a denial of enjoyment.

The Sun

In the Major Arcana, this card represents joy and celebration. Seasonally, we’re marking a time of abundant sunlight and, ideally, leisure. It draws us out of our shells. This is the pull, counter to the push of resistance.

Any areas where you are denying yourself enjoyment should be carefully examined this month. We all deny ourselves pleasure, whether out of fear, pain, cultural expectations, et cetera… What joys are you blocking off, and what does it look like when you shut them out?

The point of playing with resistance in trance is to highlight the contrast between pushing and dissolving. I command you to struggle, then command you to stop. And once you do, doesn’t it feel so sweet?

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