Is Hypnosis Bullshit?

You might be scratching your head to see a hypnodomme questioning the validity of hypnosis. And you might also be surprised to find that my answer is “Kind of? Yes? No? Not really?”

If you’re into hypnosis, you’re probably well aware of the debate around whether or not it is even A Thing. From your vantage point (and mine), it’s obvious that it’s a thing, and the skeptics who believe it to be an act simply haven’t experienced it.

Some think hypnosis is purely roleplay. Some think that it is non-consensual and therefore morally unsound. Some dismiss the idea of trance because stage shows and cartoons have never put them under. The majority of the time someone is dismissing hypnosis, it’s some Looney-Tunes version of hypnosis that has fuckall to do with actual trance.

We all grew up with a very common media depiction of hypnosis: the mustache-twirling magician or the femme fatale, swinging a pendulum and repeating YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEEEEPY until the unwitting victim dances like a chicken or hands over all his money.

To be fair some of you look like this in sessions.

If there was ever a time where people insisted that this was how hypnosis worked, it was long before I was born. Generally speaking, we know better, yet the imagery is powerful.

And hypnosis has no shortage of pseudo-scientific nonsense. I tend to share fellow bad bitch DearCoquette’s opinion on neuro-linguistic programming, and I refuse to bother with it. And while some requests (like breast enlargement or robo-commands) make for awesome roleplay, there is no shortage of hacks outside the fetish scene peddling this kind of shit to gullible people under the guise of “therapy.”

The skeptics aren’t wrong to be skeptical. We know so little about our own psyches and neurological processes, and the mechanism by which hypnosis happens is still poorly understood.

I have meditated for over a decade and my opinion was that it was really no different than many of the mindfulness practices I’d done. The first time I was under trance, I didn’t do things I was uncomfortable with or black out. It felt no different than all the times I’ve spaced out during a long commute home and barely felt the time passing. It’s a state our brains fall into naturally, and hypnosis sessions just happen to harness and guide that state in a more purposeful way. And in fact, one study out of Stanford found that the meditation analogy wasn’t too far off:

There’s a big gap between these findings and an explanation of how trance makes someone lose their self-consciousness. Sure, I’ll concede that getting a grown-ass man to bark like a dog for my own amusement may be a form of roleplay, but I certainly couldn’t have gotten him to set aside his inhibitions without hypnosis.

Some of my clips are pure trance, no different than a guided meditation session that no one would even question. Others blur the line between roleplay and reality — even in trance you know, on some level, that I am not your therapist and that I did not somehow remotely put nonexistent drugs in your tap water — and it’s easy to dismiss the practice as a whole based on these fantastical premises. But it’s not magic. As a Domme, it is a simply a tool in the hands of an expert craftswoman.

3 thoughts on “Is Hypnosis Bullshit?

  1. James says:

    Miss Diana:
    I am an admitted hypnosis junkie, a purist, primarily–as a deep trance is the most alluring part for me–but also a submissive. While I understand that a lot of this has to do with setting aside my inhibitions, there have been hypnotists who have taken me very deep and gotten me to do things that have made me very uncomfortable–sometimes even uncomfortable while in the trance. Sometimes it is helpful to be pushed past my limits, but other times, I have expressed to dommes that such acts have made me feel dirty, or even ill, and the domme has persisted in pushing me in that direction. When I am in deep trance, I think, my desire to experience the trance, combined with my submissiveness, makes me loathe to break away.
    Anyway, that is just my experience. Thank you for a fascinating article.

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