in duality we trust

Many submissive men enjoy being dominated by a woman because it flips the expected gender dynamic on its head. Women may have made strides into a patriarchal society, but there is still a clear power balance and there is still an element of taboo. Put simply, they get off on it because they don’t think women should ordinarily be this powerful.

Some of you are cognizant of this dynamic. There are those who would disagree with me because they’re utterly lacking in self-awareness and context, but I can read between the lines.

“I’m normally an alpha male, but…”

“I’m used to being the one in control, but….”

“My wife isn’t into it. I’m happy with her, but…”

“If anyone knew what I was into….”

It’s exciting because in their minds, it’s not supposed to be. In order to even conceptualize a woman holding power over them, it begins as a sexual fetish. Much like any other taboo, the sheer thrill of enjoying something illicit can translate into a physical desire.

The proliferation of the word “cuck” as an insult speaks to this deep-rooted fear of male powerlessness (and the mild amusement of actual cucks and hotwife enthusiasts highlights which party really feels insecure and weak). The Knights Who Say “Cuck” are the kind of men who are terrified to think that not only can they make no claims to possess a woman, but that they could potentially be claimed as a woman’s property. Ironically, it makes them that much more susceptible to developing a stifled, humiliation-centered femdom obsession.

These are the men who trip over themselves to make sure I know they’re not submissive except when they’re talking to me. These are the men who are the easiest to fluster and humiliate because they can’t simply own their submissive nature and be comfortable in their roles. They chatter on and on about how special and different I am for being able to do this to them, and then they sit back like drooling idiots waiting for praise that isn’t coming.

Though it’s a testament to the excessive self-worship inherent in male sexuality, the erotic beginnings of a femdom obsession become the most valuable inroad to breaking down patriarchal ideas. You all began this journey well before you ever tried to make it real. It began with porn, with you furtively imagining the attentions of women that you knew you did not deserve, until the need for real control grew too great. Your dick in your hand became your leash, and your blood-deprived brain grows ever more pliable. Each time I take you a little further, and each time you get closer to grasping the fact that there is no limit to how deep I can go.

Sometimes, that societal conditioning kicks in and you convince yourself that it’s time to stop. You think, for a moment, that you don’t really want to surrender to annihilation, because you’ve been taught to fear powerlessness. You were hypnotized well before you met me, and my unraveling of this conditioning is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Over time, you’ll begin to understand that moments like this are just the last remnants of the fugue state in which you’ve spent your entire life. A lie borne of your ego, desperately trying to preserve itself as it withers and dies. And deep down, you know that my voice in your head is so much sweeter than that death rattle.

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