December Tarot: Retreating Inward

December Tarot - Diana Rey

After last month’s upheaval, it’s time for yet another retreat inward. Are you noticing a pattern over the last few months? I’m a big believer in respecting cycles of energetic activity and peaceful rest, but our 9-5 lives are rarely ever conducive to that. 

For December, it’s time to get reflective, meditative, and excited for the coming year. 


I sometimes use an induction where I ask you to visualize a familiar home and a familiar space before creating a “secret door” which we’ll enter for the trance. It’s probably the most difficult, fiddly induction, so I find it especially rewarding when we pull it off. 

Do you feel at home in your own head? When I ask you to look deep in the shadows of your mind, are there places you notice but won’t enter? 

This card depicts a turtle with swallows nesting on its back. The turtle carries his home with him, a solid shell to retreat away from danger, moving slowly and steadily along, while the swallows flit and chitter out of their many little temporary nests. The nests are a place to rest and create in between bursts of energy, the shell is a wall of stability and seclusion. Your mind has similar houses. How comfortably do you dwell in them?

The Heirophant 

This card represents tradition and age-old spiritual doctrine. While you’re getting comfortable at home in your head, this card is asking you to return to your core values. 

This is a time for structure. If you’re like me, the idea of a spiritual institution may make you bristle, but don’t disregard its value. 

Page of Pentacles 

This card represents a new beginning in the material realm. The Page of Pentacles serves as your guide this month, speaking to potential and motivation. 

In order to follow your guide, resist the urge to shy away from uncomfortable realizations about yourself and how you view the world. Should you take the opportunity, you’ll enter the coming year full of excitement and energy. 

Your task

Find some kind of external spiritual practice, with an established set of rules, to mark the coming calendar year. If you already have one in place, set a goal to stay involved throughout the process. If you’re not sure where to look, stay tuned for a Yule ritual later this month. 

One thought on “December Tarot: Retreating Inward

  1. Pepper says:

    Thank you, Miss D. A wonderful insightful tarot as always. I’ll search for and engage in a structured spiritual practice, and search my soul. I’m sure it will draw me closer to you, and deeper under you.

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