If you’re here, you’re already a lost cause. You’ve accepted your fate. You’re playing a game you can’t escape, and I write all the rules. Your mind is drawing you toward a session, but what is your path there?

The best way to show your devotion is through tribute. Follow me on Twitter and sign up for my email list. These are great ways to get to know me, especially for the shy. You can also request a Tarot reading to spark a conversation and learn more about your path to submission.

If you’d like to talk one-on-one, book a text chat session. I do my best to answer emails, but real-time conversation is the best way to deepen your surrender and exchange with your Mistress.

If we’ve never spoken before, fill out this form and book your Intro Chat Session. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, your path will become clear….

Intro Session Intake

Please complete this form at least 24 hours before our session is scheduled to begin. If the form is not completed and your tribute is not verified at the start time, the session will be cancelled and you will be blocked.

If you don't know, take my quiz here: http://dianarey.com/subject-type-quiz/

If you don't know your type, take the quiz here: https://www.9types.com/rheti/index.php

Check any that apply and are feasible for you. Note that my sessions are 30 minutes minimum.

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