April Tarot: Acceptance

April comes with an intensity that can sometimes leave us feeling unsettled. One day you may feel euphoric, wound up, and scattered. The next day, you might feel sluggish, unmotivated, and bored.

As you experience these ups and downs, it’s normal to feel a vague sense of discontent; a need to “do something” that pulls you in several directions at once. Nothing external will bring you peace this month. Your sense of well-being must come from an internal anchor or practice, and a willingness to accept the roller coaster you’re on.


This card seeks balance, and serves as an important reminder at a time when seasonal changes are bringing about some rapid shifts in your mental energy levels.  It may be tempting to binge on your favorite vices of choice, or to slide into a state of hibernation.

Whether you find yourself in a state of mania, agitation, or ennui, remember that these extremes of feelings are not permanent. Acknowledge whatever state of mind you are in, but give yourself permission to delay action until you feel more in balance. Pause and breathe often, and remember that subtle, clear-headed persistence will be more effective than “pushing through” any obstacles in your path right now.

King of Swords

To support you in striking a balance between intensity and inactivity, rely on the King of Swords. This card represents a figure that uses the strength of a calm mind in order to clear away deceptive influences.

While the fuzziness of a trance state doesn’t exactly sharpen the intellect, a hypnotized person can easily quiet their mental chatter. See if you can carry that throughout your day, even when not in trance, and you might be surprised by the power of a silent mind.


This is a good month to let yourself feel some appreciation for whatever life is throwing at you, whether it is ideal or not. Take time to express gratitude for the things that are going well, and look for the lessons in the things that aren’t.

An equally important practice this month is cutting yourself some slack. Give yourself room to be a bit unfocused, a bit messy, a bit behind.

In summary

In keeping with last month’s assignment, continue your work with the voice in your head that’s asking for change. Now that you’re more in touch with your own judgment and wisdom, start interrogating this voice a little bit. Does this actually need to change, or can I adapt?

Start identifying those times when you feel unsettled or bored as a different type of trance. You know the feeling of intentional, purposeful hypnosis, so watch for the accidental kind that sneaks into your life and distracts you from accepting the present. Remember that feeling of “dusk,” and you can call on it even when it’s your own voice rather than mine.

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