Diana Rey | 29 | Libra

I am more than just a domme — I am a muse. I am an artist whose medium is your psyche.

Erotic Hypnosis Video & Audio | 1-on-1 Sessions | Occult Services

Once you’re caught in my web, the most hidden parts of you are mine to play with. You may mistake my soft voice and inviting presence for kindness, but it’s simply a lure for the trap. I am here to liquefy your mind and reshape it in a form that pleases me. All of my sessions center hypnosis, but I am also interested in:

  • Occult BDSM, tarot readings, and erotic magick
  • Female supremacy
  • Behavior reprogramming
  • Cuckoldry (no raceplay)
  • Positive feminization (no humiliation and no homophobia/transphobia)
  • Contracts and 24/7
  • Chastity
  • Confession and Good Conversation

Want to know more? Read my FAQ.

But tread lightly. Once you’re in, you won’t get out.

Surely you wouldn’t walk into this trap voluntarily . . . would you?

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