A quick note

Hello there.

I’m going to be very up front: it is hard to focus on hypnosis right now. In the U.S., people are rising up to protest the brutal police state we live in — all while dealing with a pandemic that is resurging due to the awful negligence of our administration.

I intend to keep making clips, updating Patreon, and doing sessions, but I am asking you all a few favors. At the risk of making it about me, I am trying to be reasonable about my time commitments and ask for your support while I direct my energy toward my community.

Please follow Black creators and listen to Black voices.

I am throwing my unequivocal support behind this movement and I am not entertaining debate on this subject.

Much of my U.S. audience is pretty white.  If you don’t follow any Black Dommes, please change this and offer them your support however you can. I ask that we (specifically my nonblack followers and especially my fellow white people) all take the time to educate ourselves and support Black perspectives rather than generating din with our own.

Please be patient with me.

My city, like many others, is seeing horrendous crackdowns and I have to divert some energy toward my community. I am also trying to keep myself healthy, and also trying to make the content that pays my bills.

I will make good on the lovely trances you pay me for, but it may be a little shakier than usual. I may be slow to reply to messages but I still enjoy reading the things you all send me, and I promise I will get to them in time. I hope you understand.

And my final favor:

If you have the disposable income, please support me and other sex workers by tributing, buying our content, subscribing to us, et cetera. It might be hard for me to churn out new videos on my usual schedule. I cannot receive unemployment or apply for small business loans. If I lose my housing, I have few options specifically because of my work. I am afraid for my country and I am afraid that I will lose my ability to support myself.

I am not the most vulnerable in society, but if you like my work and have the money to spare, your support helps me survive. Patreon money is especially helpful. Sex work income is not reliable, and recurring payments help me breathe a little easier.

But before you support me:

Back to my first favor. Donate to your local Black Lives Matter organizations, bail funds, or mutual aid funds. If you don’t have a lot of disposable income and I’m your little luxury, it’s okay to shift your focus elsewhere for a while.

Here are a few links:

Watch this video with adblocker off, and proceeds will help fund mutual aid and legal efforts.

Follow Unicorn Riot’s coverage of these events. Support independent media and fight disinformation.

Find your local bail fund or BLM chapter and donate.

And lastly…

Thank you for reading. I talk about being vulnerable all the time, but this is the first time I have been open in the ways I ask of you.

I know it’s not sexy to talk about it, but this is my job. This is how I feed myself and house myself, take care of my cats, and carve out time to support my community.

Hypnosis means a lot to me, and being able to do what I love helps keep me sane. It might have to sit on the second burner for a while, but I appreciate you all for sticking with me.

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