2019 is bringing changes….

diana rey 2019

Every year I introduce a new trigger word (you’ll be hearing it for the first time soon). It always reveals my intentions for the coming year. I don’t like to endlessly dispense the same pellet, and this year will bring some radical changes.

Most of these will become clear further down the road (and you can sign up for my email list if you’d like to keep up with them). I’ll explore this year’s trigger word and its attendant themes in my next post, but here are a few minor changes that may affect you, my dear puppet.

Clipsite Changes

I will no longer be uploading new clips to WarpMyMind or ManyVids. For now, you can still purchase last year’s videos on either site, but they will be deleted soon. If you’re a WMM or MV user wondering where to go, my Indiebill clips don’t require signup.

You can still find me on Niteflirt, IWantClips, Kinkbomb, or Clips4Sale.

In addition, my clips won’t be going up on a regular, weekly schedule as they did before. I’ll keep posting updates on Twitter as always. I still have a lot of great trances planned for this year, but I’d like to devote more energy to sessions, one-on-one interaction, and customs. And speaking of customs….

Custom Files

Customs will only be available when I’ve cleared my schedule so I can focus all my energy on creating them. And, because it takes quite a lot of time to write, film, edit, and deliver each individual custom file, prices are changing. For now, I’ll only accept a limited number when they are open.

Customs will now be priced the same as sessions, and there will be a short list of lengths to choose from. This price change helps ensure that I can focus solely on your custom file when you order it, and get it to you quickly.

And more…

If there’s any recurring theme to these changes, it’s that I’m freeing up more time for deeper interaction. I want it, you want it, we’ll both be better for it. Don’t worry, my clips aren’t going anywhere yet… but a hypnofetish by nature is not satisfied by shallow media.

Seriously, sign up for my email list. My first letters will be going out at the end of the month, and it’s a great way to start a conversation with me and take your interest in trance to new levels.

Cheers to 2019…

~Miss D

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